Gallery 220… A space for possibilities

Gallery 220 is a multi-purpose space designed to embrace an array of creative ideas and activities. In the heart of bustling Salhiya area and opposite to luxury Salhiya Shopping Mall, the 220 m² gallery is distinguished with a contemporary interior and a flexible layout.


Our vision

To provide a convenient ambiance, equipped with all the essential facilities and added value services to accommodate various events and activities, with the maximum flexibility in employing available resources according to the type of activity.


The Gallery was named after its total space which is 200 m², while the logo “IIXX” is the number as in the ancient Roman numerical system.

Gallery 220 enjoys high flexibility in terms of its layout, as it can be used as one big hall or be divided into booths. The neutral color scheme of Gallery 220, white, gray, and gold, makes it a favorable option for different purposes including; exhibitions, seminars, workshops, press conferences, individual activities, birthday parties, …etc


Gallery 220 enjoys easy access, in addition to the availability of underground parking and valet parking service nearby. The highly visible sign of Gallery 220 attracts traffic from Salhiya Shopping Mall and popular restaurant area around.

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